An Invitation to Connect

Invitation to Connect is a new emphasis at St. John’s, a coordinated effort to provide a large variety of additional small group opportunities that will help participants to connect with God and others.  In each case the hope is that each offering will provide occasions for spiritual growth and the creation of real community.

At the present time there are five areas of focus: Personal Growth and Recreation, Topical Studies, Spiritual Growth, Christian Service, and Bible Study.

Some current and soon-to-be-scheduled offerings include:  an Introduction to Bible Study Methods and Resources; Prayer that Fits Your Personality Type; an Exercise/Yoga class; Introduction to the Old Testament; Introduction to the New Testament; Faith and Contemporary Life Issues (small group discussions that reflect upon contemporary social issues from the perspective of what Christ asks of us); social groups that meet to build supportive and encouraging fellowships; and more to come!

What are your needs and interests?  What are your questions?  What is God calling you to do… to learn … to be?  In what ways is God calling you to grow as a person of faith?  Please let us know how we can help you make the right connections!

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