We gladly welcome our children into worship.  By doing so, we fulfill a part of our promise to nurture our children in the faith.

Children’s Message
Early in the Blended Worship Service (9 am service), pre-school and elementary age children are welcomed to the front to hear and participate in a story that is in sync with the current workshop of Millennium Mission.

Millennium Mission Sunday School Program (Pre-School thru Grade 5)

Our purpose is to touch the minds and hearts of our elementary age children through learning opportunities and relationships with teachers and fellow students, so they will grow up to be faithful and joyful Christians.

Our Sunday School Program is called MILLENNIUM MISSION and utilizes the Workshop Rotation Model. Children move to a different workshop each Sunday for four to five weeks. Read more about our current workshop.

Each workshop, with its accompanying creative activities, emphasizes a different aspect of the Bible story taught. This model allows children to more thoroughly learn the Bible story and its lesson, while keeping interest high.

Children are grouped in an age appropriate manner and are lovingly invited to participate in learning Bible lessons in a child-friendly atmosphere. Because the workshops stress different areas of creativity, each child is assured of finding the right combination of teaching and learning styles to meet individual needs.  The Bible stories being taught come alive for the children, making MILLENNIUM MISSION a most exciting place to learn.

Read more about the current Millennium Mission workshop!

Bell Choir (Pre-School thru Grade 5)

The children of the church are also invited to participate in the Children’s Bell Choir.  Practices are each Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:15.  On the second Sunday of most months the Children’s Bell Choir offers their gift of music in our 9:00 service of worship.

Candle-Lighting (Grades 3 thru 8)

The lighting of candles at the beginning of worship each Sunday is a sometimes overlooked, but very important, part of our worship.  The lighted candles symbolize the presence of God’s Spirit as we gather together in Jesus’ name.

The symbolism can also be taken further if at the close of worship the light is not simply extinguished, but is instead taken out before us.  In that way, it is a sign that we as a church take the light of God’s Spirit out into the world where it can shine for all to see. When this is done with love and care, it becomes a powerful element of our worship.

Children in grades 3 thru 8 are invited to fulfill this important role by becoming  acolytes (candle-lighters).  Once they have indicated their interest, and have received training, they are included on a regular schedule.

Nursery Services
During 9:00 worship, nursery care is available for children 3 years old and under; older children are welcome in our pre-school and elementary Sunday School classes.  During our 10:30 worship, nursery care is available for children 4 years old and under.

For those who prefer to keep their children close to them, parents and children can move to the Fellowship Hall where the adults can still see, hear, and participate in worship, while little ones have more freedom.

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