Children & Youth

Sonshine Kid’s Club is offered following the Children’s Time message for elementary students and taught by a pair of caring adults. Parents are always welcome to join their children for this exciting program. Our volunteers must pass a comprehensive background check and observe our Safe Church Policies.

Youth in grades eight-and-above are invited to meet weekly with the Pastor to learn to use and value the Bible, and to seriously look at and discuss important questions of faith.  At the end of the year of study, confirmation candidates stand before the congregation in the context of worship to express in their own words their own developing faith.

The aims of our Confirmation program are: 1) to lead our youth into a vital and living relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and 2) to help them to claim both the gifts and responsibilities of that relationship.

We gladly welcome our children into worship. By doing so, we fulfill a part of our promise to nurture our children in the faith.

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