Youth Fellowship

The purpose of our Youth Fellowship Program is to encourage spiritual growth in the young adults of our church family by providing regular Bible Study and Youth-oriented Worship experiences, as well as other fun, learning opportunities and activities .. all in a loving, safe, Christian environment.

Weekly Bible Study for both our Middle School youth (grades 6 – 8), and our High School youth (grades 9 – 12), is currently from 9:00 to 10:00 on Sunday mornings.

Two Sundays each year, the Youth also take primary responsibility for leading the entire congregation in worship.

Fellowship, service, spiritual growth, and fun are all emphasized all the time!

All youth in grades 6 through 12 are invited to participate in our Youth Fellowship programming at any time.


Youth in grades 8 and above are invited to meet weekly with the Pastor of the church to learn to use and value the Bible, and to seriously look at and discuss important questions of faith.  At the end of the year of study, confirmation candidates stand before the congregation in the context of worship to express in their own words their own developing faith.

The aims of our Confirmation program are: 1) to lead our youth into a vital and living relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and 2) to help them to claim both the gifts and responsibilities of that relationship.


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