About St. John’s

Here at St. John’s, we not only celebrate God’s gracious gifts to us, but we also seek, as followers of Christ, to continue Christ’s ministry of love and care.

We believe everyone wants his or her life to count for something, that every person wants to make a good difference, that every person does want to be a part of something bigger and more important than just “getting by” from day to day.

We encourage each and every person to find those places within the church or our local community where he or she can accomplish the good that God is calling him or her to do.  Surely, our faith means the most when it not only shapes our everyday life and living, but also when it guides and enables us to bless others.

There are a great variety of opportunities for the members and friends of St. John’s to discover their gifts and calling, and to give of themselves in order to make a good difference in this world.

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