What Worship is Like

Worship and preaching should engage mind, heart and soul, leading us individually and together to make the connection between our present lives and the ongoing experience of the Spirit working in, among and through us.

The experience of worship should also connect those who worship with one another, bringing and binding them together in a supportive, encouraging family of faith. When we truly worship together, there are no longer any strangers among us… we are one in Christ!

At St. John’s we recognize that those who gather for worship share a common need and desire to connect with God and one another.

10 a.m. Sunday Worship

At 10 a.m. worship on Sundays, people of all ages engage in a relaxed, yet energy-filled, service of worship. The structure and style of the service is rooted in the historical practices of the Evangelical and Reformed tradition, but updated for our present day.

The service includes time for prayer, a Children’s Message, the reading of the scripture by members of the church family, moments to share our joys and concerns and to lift them up in prayer, and a Biblical-based, Christ-centered, life-relevant message by the Pastor.

The service of worship is brightened and inspired by congregational singing of a mix of traditional and contemporary music, sacred and spiritual songs sung by our choir and special offerings by our bell choir and other talented musicians that are a part of our church family. Accompaniment for all of our music is provided by our gifted pianist and organists.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

On the first Sunday of each month at the 10 a.m. service, plus at other sacred times, we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. Remembering Jesus’ self-sacrifice and his words of promise, we break and eat bread, and drink the fruit of the vine, with the hope and expectation that just as he promised, Christ will indeed come and be with us. In and through the bread we eat and the cup we drink, we are spiritually blessed to know the loving presence and power of Christ, and to be strengthened and equipped to live with and for him in this life.

All Christians, both members and visitors, are invited and encouraged to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion, and in sharing, to experience a blessed unity with Christ and one another.

On Sunday mornings, communion is served while worshippers are seated in the pews. On those special occasions when we gather for worship in the evening, worshippers come to the table. Choices between wafers and bread, and wine and grape juice, are always offered.

Children in Worship

We gladly welcome children into worship. We understand that in doing so we are fulfilling a part of our promise to nurture our children in the faith. However, we also realize that sometimes little ones (or their parents!) need another alternative. We provide options for those times!

For those who prefer to keep their children close to them, parents and children can move to the Fellowship Hall where the adults can still see, hear and participate in worship, while little ones have more freedom.

Communion at this service will be the first Sunday of every month.

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