Financial Support

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Your financial contributions to St. John’s UCC enable and ensure that we will continue, to the best of our ability, to carry out our purpose to change the world one person at a time by sharing the love and power of Jesus Christ with all.

Regular financial gifts may be designated for Mission and Benevolence, the Operating Budget or the Mortgage Fund.

While financial priorities regarding any church must typically be to the operating and mortgage budgets, many wish to consider how they may also help to ensure the future and vitality of the church that loves and serves them during their lifetime. Planned giving in a congregation can serve to fund an endowment, stabilizing the church’s ability to achieve mission and ministry over the long term and through emergencies. It can also provide for addition and expansion of missions, and assist in perpetual support of the church.

Planned gifts are generally made from accumulated assets in a carefully considered manner and in an amount that expresses one’s commitment, but does not impair the family’s well being. A planned gift is one made during one’s lifetime, but which benefits the charitable beneficiary only after one’s death. Wills and bequests are the most common ways of making such gifts, and ensuring that wishes regarding heirs, church and charities are honored. However, life insurance policies, retirement assets, and life income gifts such as annuities and charitable remainder trusts are other effective ways to give. And these vehicles can provide important current financial benefits such as income tax deductions, tax savings on long term gains, and regular income payments for the rest of one’s life and/or for a surviving loved one after one’s death.

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