updated June 7, 2021


  1. ​Masks must be worn at all times by everyone while in the church building.
  2. Bulletins and disposable communion packets will be handed out.
  3. Offering plates will be placed by the doors; not passed around. Trash containers will be located near them.
  4. There will be no coffee hour.
  5. Singing and reading out loud is allowed if a mask is worn. (Masks will not be required for those participating in the worship service, i.e.: special music, scripture reader, Pastor Poe while preaching.)
  6. No greetings or fellowship allowed inside the church. Pastor Poe will greet people outside the front doors upon exit. If members want to congregate, they must do so in the parking lot.

The worship service will still be broadcast on 88.9 FM, shared on Facebook live and shared weekly on the website. If you would prefer to continue worshiping in your vehicle, please pick-up a “I’m worshipping on 88.9 FM” sign from our ushers. Place the sign in your window when you come on Sundays, so our ushers can easily identify you and bring you a bulletin, holy communion, and any other handouts.

Services will continue to be recorded and shared on the St. John’s website and Facebook page so you can watch on-demand.

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